6784 Manganji, Minamioguni-machi Aso-gun, Kumamoto Prefecture 〒869-2402

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Ryokans in Kurokawa Onsen are not found in large buildings; many are small, family-run inns with around 10 rooms. Some ryokans offer unique baths, such as large open-air baths with large rocks, to entertain their guests.......

Private & Open-air Bath Reports
Private & Open-air Bath Reports

All guest rooms at "Ryokan Kounoyu" have a private open-air bath or half-open-air bath. All of them are 100% free-flowing from the high quality spring water......

Facilities & Hot Spring Reports
Facilities & Hot Spring Reports

Kurokawa Onsen has become one of the most popular hot spring area not only in Kumamoto Prefecture and Kyushu, but also in Japan. The hot spring area stretches along the Tanoharu River in a valley, and is mainly a series of small-scale hot spring inns with less than 30 guest rooms......

Guest Room Reports
Guest Room Reports

The guest rooms are designed with the highest regards for the privacy of each room. 4 rooms are in a detached style established after the new management, and 5 rooms are in a row-house connected on a step, although they are not detached......

Cuisine Reports
Cuisine Reports

After relaxing in your room and enjoying the hot springs, it is time for dinner. The young landlady personally goes to the restaurant every day to stock up on seasonal ingredients for her creative Japanese cuisine......

Extra Reports
Extra Reports

Before you leave, be sure to check out the souvenirs lined up in front of the reception. Unique items that remind you of nature, such as preserved flower decorations made in the neighborhood and sake cups made from bamboo tubes......

Keywords for this ryokan
Located on the outside of Kurokawa Onsen, overlooking the valley from a hill
All rooms are equipped with an open-air bath with free-flowing hot-spring water
All rooms are detached, private and surrounded by nature.
Private open-air bath with a great view, for guests only
Created Kaiseki with a modern arrangement of Kumamoto flavors
People like this are OK
Those who want to spend time without worrying about their surroundings in a detached guest room
Those who want to enjoy a pleasant view of nature
People like this are NG
Those seeking the convenience of a location where you can be in a hot spring area as soon as you step out of the ryokan.

RYOKAN KOUNOYU Basic Information

Accommodation Information

Check-In 3:00PM
Check-Out 10:00AM
Card usage Allowed
Room Views Mountain Each room has a different open-air bath and location from the room
In-room Meal None
Dinner Modern Japanese creative cuisine
Breakfast Japanese-style meal

Room Rates ※Rates are for 1 person when 2 people stay in 1 room (tax not included)

Official website's online reservation benefits The most economical rates are available for reservations through official website.
One drink + "Patisserie Roku" cream puff ticket
Special Packages Marbled Higo Beef shabu shabu plan, Higo Beef steak plan, etc.Check theOfficial Website for details★
【Row-house】2 story type(Capacity of 2 to 5 persons) from ¥28,600 Up charge on days before holidays from ¥2,000
All 5 rooms ※10 tatami mats room+Spacious veranda+Living room+Open-air bath+Indoor bath+T
【Annex】2 story type(Capacity of 2 to 5 persons) from ¥30,800
Room "Asebi" ※10 tatami mats room+Spacious veranda+Living room+Open-air bath+Indoor bath+T
【Annex】1 story type (Japanese/Western-style room)(Capacity of 2 to 5 persons) from ¥33,000
All 3 rooms ※10 tatami mats room+Twin Bedroom+Half open-air bath+Shower room+T

Facility Information

Establishment / Reconstruction Established in 2002 / Reconstructed in 2016
Number of Rooms All 9 rooms (6 Japanese-style rooms, 3 Japanese/Western-style rooms)
Number of People Accommodated 45 persons
Private Bath Private open-air bath×1
Fee: Free for overnight stay
Usage time: 50 min. between 3:00PM~10:00PM, 7:00AM~9:00AM
How to reserve: At Check-in
Public bath / Other All 9 rooms with open-air baths, separate men's and women's large baths, 1 private open-air bath
Parking Area Available for 20 cars
Pets Not Allowed
Barrier Free Supported(One-story type guest room)
Esthetics / Massages Available
Internet Free Wi-Fi Enabled
DVD None
TV Channels NHK: 2 stations, Private Broadcasting: 4 stations, NHKBS: 2 stations
Facilities Sales shop & Footbaths
Refrigerator System Declare only what you use (cannot be brought in)
Refrigerator drinks: canned beer and juice
Vending Machine Drinks, cigarettes
Sales shop Ice cream available (Local Aso Jersey milk ice cream)
Yukata Bath towels
Towels Soap
Body wash Shampoo
Conditioner Rinse in shampoo
Shower cap Toothbrushシ
Hair dryer Brush
Comb Razor blade
Cotton bud Toilet with washer

Other Service / Rental Information

Wheelchair Barrier-free guest room (one story type)
Foreign Languages

Extra Information

Recommended Souvenirs Kurokawa Supamisto
Nearby Convenience Store 10 min. by car
Cellular Antennas ◎docomo ◎au ◎softbank

RYOKAN KOUNOYU Hot spring Information

Spring quality Sodium・CalciumーCarbonate・Sulfate・Chloride springs(Hypotonic, Neutral, Hyperthermal spring)
Temperature of the source 60.5℃
Output rate
Hydrogen ions pH 6.4
Total dissolved substances (excluding gases) 1.18g/kg
Gushing of the source Private source of spring water (power pumping) gushing on the premises
Add water / Circulation Filtration No using 100% free-flowing hot-spring water
Water heating No using
Sterilization of bath None
Replacement of hot water in bathtub Once per day
Bath Additive No using
Indications by Spring Quality(Revised on July 1, 2014) Cuts, Peripheral circulatory failure, Cold sensitivity, Depression, Dry skin
General Indications for Bathing(Revised on July 1, 2014) Chronic pain or stiffness of muscles or joints (chronic phase of rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, lower back pain, neuralgia, frozen shoulder, bruises, sprains, etc.), muscle stiffness in motor paralysis, excessive sensitivity to cold, peripheral nerve disorder, decline of gastrointestinal function (slow digestion, intestinal gas formation, etc.), mild high blood pressure, impaired glucose tolerance (diabetes), mild hypercholesterolemia, mild asthma or emphysema, hemorrhoid pain, autonomic instability, various symptoms from stress (sleep disorders, depression, etc.),convalescence stage of illness, recovery from fatigue, promotion of health.
Color of hot water Weak yellow and colorless
For drinking Cannot ※Non-submission of application for drinking to the health department
Indications for drinking
Smell / Taste Astringent taste・Weak hydrogen sulfide smell

RYOKAN KOUNOYU Access & Nearby Information


By Train ○From Fukuoka area: Hakata Sta., Tenjin Sta., Fukuoka Airport: Highway buses available(Nishitetsu Highway Bus)
○From Kumamoto area: Kumamoto Sta., Aso Sta., Kumamoto Airport, : Highway buses available (Kyushu Crossing Bus)

※For Kyushu Crossing Bus, there are two types of buses: one includes sightseeing in Aso, and the other does not. Buses are also available from Beppu area.
※Sanko Bus is also available from Kumamoto area.
※Nishitetsu highway buses are available to Hita Sta. (many services, transfer at Hita Sta.) and to Tsuetate Onsen (few services).
Shuttle bus None
By Car 60 min. on Route 212 from the Hita Interchange of the Oita Expressway, 70 min. from Yufuin Interchange, 90 min. from Kumamoto Interchange on Kyushu Expressway

Nearby Information

Nearby Sightseeing Spots Mt. Aso, Kuju Flower Park, Kurokawa Hot Spring Area
Recreation (tourist farms, parks, etc.) Hot spring tour with bath passes
Staff messages Comment from young landlady Mrs.Yuko Ren

This quiet ryokan is located on high ground, a little away from the center of Kurokawa. There are many services here that women can enjoy. We hope you will learn more about Kurokawa, Aso, and Kumamoto through your stay here.
Date of Interview April 2019

※When making a reservation, please mention that you saw "kashikiri-onsen.com"


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